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Series 6

Series 6 of Travel Oz showcases a great slice of Aussie life.

We take a nostalgic trip on the refurbished, legendary Southern Aurora express train around rural NSW, visiting colourful winemakers, historic warplanes and railway round-houses.

Country music legend Chad Morgan, now in his 90s, performs his greatest numbers.

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Series 5

Series 5 addresses travel destinations in Australia now that restrictions are easing... from the Great Barrier Reef to Lord Howe Island.

One entire special features the Town of 1770, celebrating 250 years since Captain James Cook stepped ashore here.

We'll also go outback to the black opal capital of Australia, Lightning Ridge, following jack hammer wielding miners as they uncover dazzling gems...

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Series 4

Series 4 takes Travel Oz on a road trip from Blue Mountains, To Bathurst, Hill End, Wellington Caves, Parkes And Forbes.

Experience our Outback NSW adventure as we discover Australia’s biggest Celtic celebrations Glen Innes, Picking cotton and pecan nuts in Moree, Feeding giraffe and letting the lions loose at the Western Plains Zoo.

Nevada: Desert Skies to Neon Lights. Producer/presenter Greg Grainger has driven around the entire state to film a series of stories...

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Series 3

Series 3 starts us one year on from the Victorian Bushfires.

Enjoy the Blue Mountains magic festival, Surfing in Sydney and Mud Crabbing in Cooktown.

We visit Cradle Moutian and Celebrate Australia Day.

Experince the Young Cherry Festival, a Trek to Western Australia and Travel Oz visit Hamiliton Island.

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Series 2

Series 2 starts in Townsville Wildlife Snowy Mountains, Travel Oz dive The Yongala Wreck and visitReef and Rainforest of Cairns.

Join Travel Oz at the hughendon Camel Race and Australia's biggest Rodeal, we also visit Exotic Wildlife at the National Zoo.

Watch the Travel Oz Kakadu Croc Catcher experience, sailing to Mawson's Antarctica and watch the Alban Whales.

Travel with us on our Victorian bike ride, our Kokoda Trail walk and Bunbury Dolphin experience.

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Series 1

Series 1 of Travel Oz introduces us to the magnificent Torres Strait Islands, a place full of beautiful culture and activities.

We experience the wildlife of Norfolk Island. Along the way we'll go diving, riding, kayaking and bird watching.

Join Travel Oz as we take you on train trips across Queensland. We'll visit the outback and the tropical east coast.

Two Tims enjoy on a wild winter weekend in the snowy Falls Creek and Greg arrives in the Tiwi Islands where a Tiwi Islander catches a Frill necked Lizard.

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