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Seven Sign Travel Oz Til 2026

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Australia’s Seven Network has just signed the Grainger TV produced programme Travel Oz through to April 2026.

Seven Network programmer Jesse Ford says “Travel Oz resonates with viewers, because it captures the true spirit of Australia, showcasing its wonderful characters, events and destinations.”

“This is a programme that has a strong and loyal following” he says.

The Seven Network currently screen Travel Oz in a dedicated 90-minute timeslot every weekend on 7TWO, with repeats on Seven main and 7FLIX.

Travel Oz also screens on airlines around the world through Inflight, Fox Network Europe, People’s Daily Online China, STV UK and Carnival Cruises.

Travel Oz producer/presenter Greg Grainger says he’s thrilled with the on-going commitment by the Seven Network.

“Filming in these restrictive times of Covid has become a real challenge, but as border restrictions are eased we have been producing specials on opening states, such as South Australia and Tasmania.”

Grainger had just finished filming a special around the town of 1770 and the Barrier Reef’s Musgrave Island when Queensland introduced its border closures in late March 2020.

Since then, he’s produced a 5-part aerial series featuring Africa, Iceland, Greenland and the Scandinavian countries, commissioning local drone cameramen to film as Grainger and team were unable to travel. In total, Grainger TV produced 19 programmes in 2020 with a similar amount being planned for 2021.

Right now, the Travel Oz team are set to film another special in Victoria as their borders are re-opened, with shoots planned early February on the Great Ocean Road, Bendigo, Phillip Island, Yarra Ranges and Daylesford Macedon.

That programme is scheduled to air on the first weekend in March 2021.

Travel Oz is a small but prolific production team, comprising of Grainger as producer and presenter, Barry Jacobs on camera, Harley Rossetto and Harrison Stringer editing and Justin McCoy composing original music.




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QANTAS has begun showing episodes of Travel Oz on its domestic and international flights.

This is the latest outlet for TRAVEL OZ, with the Seven Network now screening the program across 3 of its networks: Channel 7, 7TWO and 7FLIX.

Every Saturday, between 8am and 9.30am, 7TWO screens TRAVEL OZ, while Channel 7 screens new programmes on Saturdays over the summer break and 7FLIX screens it throughout its schedule.

Highlights from Travel Oz are also re-cut into 1-minute vignettes and fed to international web outlets such as Daily Motion, Flickr and Buzzfeed, plus Chinese outlets Toutiao and, services that reach 500,000,000 viewers.

Embracing the digital age, GraingerTV has also launched a new Instagram service STUNNINGLY SPECTACULAR which is focussed on travel, and will feature destinations filmed by the Grainger TV cameramen.

Grainger TV’s one hour TV programs will continue to service major international broadcasters with contracts current for National Geographic, Netflix and Fox.

30-minute TV specials include Travel USA, to be launched at MIPCOM Cannes October 2017 featuring destinations such as Utah, Nevada and Texas.

Travel Oz is celebrating 10 years of production with its 130th episode, broadcast first by the ABC, then Nat Geo, and now the Seven Network.

Travel Oz is produced by Grainger TV, whose other programmes such as THE WHALE WHISPERER (the Whales of Hervey Bay) and ULTIMATE FREEDIVE: THE GREAT BARRIER REEF screen to in excess of 11-million viewers on Networks that range from Netflix and National Geographic to Inflight, the movie service that screens on International flights.

Grainger TV’s executive producer is Logie-winner Greg Grainger, who has just been awarded the ASTW Award for Excellence 2017 as Best Travel Presenter.