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Travel Oz is an all-Aussie TV travel show that screens on the Channel 7 Network in Australia, and international broadcasters from Australia Plus to First HD TV Russia to FMG USA. Produced by veteran travel documentary producer/presenter Greg Grainger, each episode of Travel Oz features 3 destinations.

“We want viewers to feel like they’re travelling with us, experiencing every sight and sound as if they’re on location. We plan to give them support information to help them make bookings of their own. And we want to take them to places they might not otherwise have ever known about.” says Grainger.

Travel Oz represents an exciting new opportunity to showcase Australia as a travel destination.” says Grainger. “We feature the abundant possibilities of holiday destinations, adventure packages, scenic tours, cosmopolitan cities, historic towns, natural wonders and friendly people.” From luxury hotels to camping under the stars, dining in exquisite restaurants to eating damper around the campfire, viewing swirls of desert colours on the Ghan to riding camels on the sand, Travel Oz caters to families, singles, young, old, travel connoisseurs, novice travellers, the budget conscious and the wealthy.

Utilising stunning photography, Travel Oz captures the dazzling beauty of Australia, from its beaches to the bush. Each segment reveals the uniqueness behind popular Australian tourist destinations and enlightens viewers about hidden treasures off the beaten path.


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Watch the latest Episode


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Watch the latest Episode: »more
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